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Lessons At Home - Beginners

Welcome to Seasons 'Lessons at home', this is our way of thanking you for your interest in Seasons Art Class, and a way to keep you occupied with some projects in this time of our national shut-down.

We hope you are feeling well and suitably rested.

We have a selection of projects below, each from our main disciplines of sketch, Oil pastel, Watercolour and Acrylics. Hopefully you have adequate supplied for at least one, if not all, of these projects.

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Sketch - Drawing the Face

Everyone of our students are wanting to learn the secret to drawing portraits.

Here is the beginner phase of understanding dimensions that make up the typical face. Complete this project and you are well on your way to the next step of your artistic journey

Oil Pastels - Beautiful Cow

You can't resist having a go at drawing this beautiful cow.

Oil pastels are being shown, but you could either sketch with coloured pencils or even paint with acrylics or watercolour.

Watercolour - Colourful Pansy

A simple Pansy composition to start getting used to the basics of watercolour.


If you don't have watercolours available, then watered down acrylics will suffice for a similar effect. 

Acrylics - Beach Scene

A simple beach scene to get started with Acrylics. 

This project will give you a good background on how easy Acrylics are to use and how simple techniques can get great results

Have the best fun ever and create the art you've always wanted to with your supportive tutor and friends.

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